Business Books Best Of – 15 Books You Will Find Interesting

I’m sure you guys would love to know, which books I have read and would recommend to you, if you consider starting a business.

So, I figure I compile a small list of the books I just loved and mostly, I thought were actually helpful.

I hope these books will be of assistance to you as well.

1. The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

It’s one of my favorite books. His writing style is honest and refreshing. Plus all the anecdotes make the book very entertaining.

2. Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

If you already have a business, but need some advice on how to move your business to the next step, then that’s a great place to start.

3. The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry

If you think about starting a subscription service of any kind, I highly encourage you to read this book. It looks at all the necessary metrics and how to go about starting up.

4. KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays

Quite a long read and a lot of very detailed and specific information is included. It might not work for you, because everybody has to take a different path, but it certainly is very extensive.

5. Launch Tomorrow: Take Your Product, Startup, or Business From Idea to Launch in One Day

Very specific, but generally good advice. If your idea is somewhere in there to be found, you might get some great tips on how to get your venture off the ground.

6. PASSIVE INCOME : FROM BROKE TO 7 FIGURES IN 12 MONTHS: A 2020 aggressive step by step guide on how to create Multiple Passive Income Streams and to Financial … (Passive Income & Financial Freedom Book 1)

It’s not really a step by step guide, but it will give you an idea of where you might want to start.

7. How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital: The Four Rules You Must Break To Get Rich

It’s hard work to be a capitalist. That’s basically, what the author is telling me. But if you think about real estate and try to do something out of the box, maybe this book might give you a starting point.

8. Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love

As a compilation of ideas as to where to start a quite good guide. But beware of the fact that what everybody else is doing will not pay off that well as something that mostly no one dares to execute.

9. The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

It’s almost a classic in the scene, but it was bit generic for my taste. It’s a good start for you, if you are still at the very beginning of your journey though.

10. The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field

It’s from the same author as Profit First and it still shows how the first book works, but it’s an extension on how to proceed when you are in another place in your business career.

11. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

Not really a business book. It reads like a thriller. I was not able put this book down and shows a little how a start-up, that has a good plan and starts off perfectly, can end in a disaster, if the people involved are not ethical.

12. UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

It’s kind of the sequel to The Millionaire Fastlane. It reads exactly like the first one, but goes deeper into why we guys choose to do our own thing instead of getting our hands dirty for someone else.

13. Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets

If you plan on being the next Facebook, Apple, or Google, then this book will certainly show you how to think and what you can anticipate. Like with every book, you still have to put in the work and nothing will happen exactly the same way twice, but if you plan on dominating any market, it’s a very helpful book.

14. Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School

More anecdotal than anything else, but it still shows you good business practices and an insight into one of the most successful and probably famous business person ever.

15. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

It’s not really a business book, but more of a how to become a millionaire. But since most of us probably want to be rich by being an entrepreneur, I thought it it would helpful. I definitely liked the ideas behind it and it shows that being successful starts with yourself.

I hope you’ll find some guidance in any of the above books like I did and let me know what your thoughts about these books are.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links.

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