Why You Will Never Start Your Own Business And How You Can Change That

You know the type and you have heard it before. “I am about to start my business”. Unfortunately, that never actually happens.

Yep, I know a couple of people who wanted to start their own businesses and never have, and probably never will.

So, what’s holding them and you back?

From experience I have learned that the following reasons are most likely to keep you from starting your own business. I also have a solution to change that.

Constantly learning

First of all, if you are reading this and you are eager to learn. Kudos!

I am very proud of you about wanting to learn and about being eager to evolve. There are a lot of people who never read and never educate themselves about anything.

There is always something we can do better and some way we can learn how to.

But there is a time and place to learn. If you have an idea and have mapped out a plan to turn that idea into a business, then at some point you have got to stop learning.

Not forever, of course. But you have to stop thinking that the next podcast, the next blog post, or the next book will contain that necessary piece of information to make you believe in yourself and your idea, and make your venture successful.

Either you did your due diligence and know that you have something to start with, or you don’t. But no matter what you will read next shouldn’t change that.

I am prone to that mistake myself. When I consider a new business, I tend to look for proof in my way of going about it in some podcast or book.

You need more information

If you are not looking to find more information about why you should pursue your idea, then you’re probably looking for ideas on how you should do it.

And that search is pretty much endless.

You will never have all the answers to your questions. Let’s take me for example. When we first started to ship products online, we didn’t know how to handle the logistics the way we do today. We didn’t know how to process returned orders or how to handle stolen packages, let alone did we know how to deal with customers not paying their bills.

But that wasn’t a reason not to start our business. We just set it up and went online. From the moment something occurs you deal with it then.

At some point, you have to put your foot down and just go for it.

Ready, fire, aim

I have read a book called “Ready, fire, aim.”, which basically states that you should prepare yourself, then take action, and only afterwards adjust where you are headed.

It makes sense, because you cannot aim at the goal yet as you have to learn how you taking action has changed the path you are on. Just like I mention before, you deal with things that you haven’t figured out yet, once they occur.

So, you take action and then you adjust your path along the way. You cannot have it all figured out. You just need to prepare yourself enough to have a shot. That’s it.

A bad idea with a good execution is still a hell of a lot better than a brilliant idea with no execution at all.

So, without you taking action, there will be no result. Therefore you should stop reading and start doing.

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